Final Animatic

It’s week three and I already feel like I’m working for a real life client for my digital media project. Laurie Petrou, my “client”, has high demands and expectations for her gender focused documentary. The motion graphic I am creating is supposed to look like a child around the age of 8 years old drew the moving images. I want this video to show realistic drawings, thought processes, and actions…

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Second Week, Second Year

Second Week, Second Year

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First Week of Second Year!!!!!!!

Soooo, I’ve done a lot of thinking this summer on what I want to do for a possible project for this upcoming digital media class. Watching and experimenting off of various tutorials helped me put my imagination to life!

For our first class of Intermediate Digital Media we had a basic introduction of the course, what was expected of us, and what we’d be doing! I decided to join the group

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